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Our Clients

Our clients work in technology, space, deep sea, and sustainability. The one thing they have in common? Technology is central to the cosmos-changing solutions they are bringing to market.


Technology is central to our daily lives. We help companies develop marketing strategies that will catapult them to the next level.


With the ongoing commercialization of space, and the ubiquitous nature of satellites, we are helping space industry companies define the future.

Deep Sea

Our future on planet Earth will be largely determined by our oceans. We support companies diving deep into our oceans to understand our blue planet better than ever before.


We work with companies extending our future as a species by developing technologies that will use our limited resources on Earth smarter and provide solutions for future habitats beyond Earth.

The Founding of GuideForce

GuideForce was founded by Lisa Dreher in 2018. Since that time, GuideForce has supported companies in their quest to change the cosmos.

Lisa brings over 25 years business development, product management, public relations, and marketing leadership experience to the tech, space, deep sea, and sustainability organizations GuideForce works with. Lisa also serves as President for the Mobile Satellite Users Association (

GuideForce has helped startups and established enterprises grow faster and define clear paths to profitable revenue. We partner with CEOs and executives to navigate the startup through enterprise evolution and the development of partner ecosystems to scale their businesses faster.

What people are saying…

Lisa has been fantastic to team with on marketing and PR initiatives. She helps develop and refine PR strategy, then implements multiple projects rapidly. On collaborative tasks, she is excellent at both listening well and giving professional feedback, and ties the ideas together in copy that communicates well to the intended audience. Lisa consistently offers creative new ideas about making influential pieces of communication. The press requires a special pitch to pick up a release, and also request an interview and more depth on the topic. Lisa is amazing at knowing what will get media attention and then pitching and delivering response. I’ve worked with her on projects both international and domestic; in high tech, industrial, travel, and science markets. Her energy and enthusiasm focuses PR and marketing teams and results in campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Bob Shuman

Chief Operating Officer, OceanGate, Inc.

It has been a pleasure to work with Lisa for a joint marketing initiative in Japan. She was not just energetic, but had an open mind on different business customs, in our case PR procedures in Japan. She had ideas and the capability to implement success in different countries.

Tomoki Isaac Saso

President Director, ITC Auto Multifinance (previously SKY Perfect JSAT)

Lisa is the best marketing professional I have ever worked with. Her expertise in the satellite and high-tech markets has been proven to be very valuable for her work at Solstar Space Co. I highly recommend her.

Brian Barnett

CEO & Founder, Solstar Space Company

Especially valuable to me were your thoughts on laying a new foundation for MSUA, and moving towards creating an end user platform within MSUA for them to “interpellate” the mobile satellite industry members of the MSUA.

Also your ideas on creating tiers for members came exactly at the right time. Small enterprise members have now a place to be.

To any founder and startup out there: I can highly recommend Lisa for her honest feedback – and I know you’ll benefit a huge lot from her massive experience in so many different fields.

Erwan Emilian

Founder & Chairman of the Board and Chairman, SatLease Capital & MSUA

I worked with Lisa to completely rethink the productizing and marketing of an emerging technology that had the potential to change the mobile communications industry. Which we did. Lisa is a consummate professional and brings her best every hour of every day. Lisa understands technology and is wonderful in her ability to communicate highly technical subjects in a manner that is consumable for each target audience. Lisa is also a team player and I could count on her and her team to deliver solid content on time and on target.

Beth Turtle

Principal Product Manager, TMobile